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Welcome to the Esports Wales Academy!


We are focused on youth and community development through esports enterprise and employability training.


Our mission is to create an even playing field, providing equal access to exciting opportunities for everyone to discover their potential and achieve their aspirations.


If you’re interested in helping people connect with innovative businesses that are driving the esports industry forward, get in touch with us to book a course. Together, let’s empower the next generation of esports professionals.

Esports Professional

At the Esports Wales Academy, we understand that the economy is constantly evolving and that people need to be prepared with the right skills to enter the world of esports. We offer a range of programs that cater to the changing nature of the job market, providing valuable insights into the new and exciting opportunities available in the modern workplace.

Through our programs, we strive to promote cross-sector collaboration with businesses and enterprises to ensure genuine social mobility for young people. Our focus on building strong partnerships with the esports industry means that our programs are designed to provide people with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly growing industry. Join us today to unlock your potential and make your mark in esports.

Youth Support


Esports Wales Academy is committed to fostering youth entrepreneurship by providing ongoing enterprise projects that align with the interests of young people.


Our learners gain valuable insights into the world of esports business, experiencing the role of an entrepreneur while acquiring highly sought-after skills and behaviors that are highly valued by employers.


Join us at the Esports Wales Academy to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and discover the limitless possibilities of esports business.

Education & Training


At the Esports Wales Academy, we offer a range of courses in Work Related Education, Digital Technology, and Personal & Social Education, designed and delivered to meet the needs of today’s industy.


Our strong partnerships with employers across a variety of esports industries allow us to tailor course content to specific subjects, professions, and interests, ensuring that our attendees gain relevant and practical knowledge.


Our courses are delivered from our innovative spaces across Wales, as well as in schools, colleges, and community settings to reach out to people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Enhancing Employability


We are dedicated to supporting people in achieving their employment aspirations through tailored personal development tools.


Through close consultation with employers, we provide enhanced employment opportunities, work tasters, and placements for young people within the digital, esports and creative industries, ensuring that our attendees are well-equipped for the modern job market.


We also offer volunteer opportunities, community workshops, and team-building activities for those at risk of long-term disengagement to boost their confidence and enhance their social mobility. 

Available Courses


Duration (Hours)

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Introduction to Esports




Esports Events Management




Tournament Administration




Esports Casting Workshop




Esports Player Development




Path to Industry




Who are these courses for? 

Our Esports Wales courses, are designed for individuals with a passion for gaming and technology, and those looking to pursue a career in one of the many associated industries. Our courses are also ideal for those who want to engage learners in innovative ways, boost key skills, and increase confidence and self-esteem.


Our courses are suitable for all age and ability groups and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a taster session or a six week course, we have got you covered. We also offer longer courses and can help you develop a customised program to suit your requirements.


Our courses cover a range of topics, including esports for everyone, event management, running a tournament, casting workshop, and streaming workshop. Participants will learn valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership, which can be applied in both gaming and real-world contexts.


Our courses are interactive, engaging, and practical, with plenty of opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned. Participants will have access to our expert trainers, who will guide them through the course material and provide support and feedback throughout.

By participating in our Esports Wales courses, you will gain a deep understanding of the esports industry and the skills needed to succeed in it. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in esports or simply want to improve your gaming skills, our courses are the perfect way to get started.

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