To tick off every single goal on your list can be difficult as a club on your own, and successful clubs know that links with other organisations are vital.

Here are some considerations to get you started:

  1. If your esports club isn’t linked to Esports Wales then you should consider affiliation as it means the club may be able to access additional support and resources. 
  2. It’s always a good idea to form positive relationships with your local schools, colleges or unis to promote your club and attract new members.
  3. It’s also worth thinking about forming a relationship, whether it’s formal or informal, with traditional sports clubs in your area. This can help by sharing resources, best practice and member benefits. This could even stretch to clubs further afield helping to grow the club and skills alike. 
  4. Joining forces with another club might mean you can broaden what’s on offer to members and to broaden your membership base. 
  5. Who can you partner with to help with the recruitment, retention and support of volunteers? Consider what resources you have local to you and how they maybe able to help. For example, could you work in partnership with a local college or buisness? 
  6. If you want to create an environment that welcomes a diverse membership, do you need to bring a partner such as (Disability Sport WalesLGBT Sport CymruDiverse Cymru) on board to help you?
  7. Consider building links with content creator/streamer to help promote your club and develop a fan base. 

Partnerships can be highly successful but they can just as easily break down. That’s why it is important to maintain honest and open communication between yourself (the club) and partners at all times.