Equality diversity and inclusion


When we talk about equality in the esports sector, we mean treating people fairly and ensuring accessibility for everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief (including lack of belief), sex, or sexual orientation.


Accessibility and Inclusivity


Esports clubs have a responsibility to be accessible and inclusive to all. This means considering the needs of every individual when delivering services. Everyone should have the opportunity to play, compete, officiate, or be involved in the structures of an esports club.


To achieve this inclusivity, clubs may need to adjust certain practices to accommodate different individuals. Here are some ways to ensure your club is inclusive:


  • Physical Accessibility: Ensure gaming venues are accessible to those with physical disabilities.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Offer events and practice times that consider the diverse schedules of members, including those with family or work commitments.
  • Diverse Representation: Encourage and promote diversity within your club’s leadership and membership to reflect a wide range of perspectives and experiences.
  • Educational Programs: Provide training on inclusivity and diversity for all members and staff to foster an inclusive environment.


The biggest benefit of championing equality is of course that you are offering esport opportunities to everybody. Ensuring that your esports club is diverse, inclusive, and actively communicating those factors will bring with it a host of benefits.

Not only will your members feel supported and valued, but on top of that you will also attract new participants and stakeholder interest, build a positive reputation, decrease risk by improving your governance and risk management, increase sponsorship opportunities, help break down barriers in esports and increase participation opportunities.





A diverse membership should mean a diverse mix of decision-makers on your committee. This will help your club to shape its services to meet the needs of its members and to broaden its reach to new members. Plus, championing equality is good practice and is viewed positively by funders. You can read more about Board Diversity here




Activity Alliance have developed a downloadable Inclusive Communications Guide to help sport providers like yourselves to reach a wider audience using different communication tools, methods and even tone of voice. Activity Alliance have a lot of great resources on their website that clubs can access and may find helpful in their quest to become more inclusive and accessible.





By making these considerations, your club can create a welcoming environment where everyone has the chance to participate and thrive in esports.