Insurance is extremely important for all esports clubs. This doesn’t just refer to insurance for individual coaches; the club must be adequately insured to cover the activities it delivers.

  1. Welsh Sport Association (WSA) Membership: With WSA membership, you may be eligible for benefits such as discounted insurance via Integro.

Private Insurance Options

Insurance can also be taken out with a private insurance company. You will need to consider cover for:

  1. Public liability
  2. Professional indemnity
  3. Personal accident
  4. Esports equipment
  5. Soft tissue injuries
  6. Private medical
  7. Motor insurance

Seeking Professional Guidance

Always seek professional guidance when arranging insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Volunteers and Insurance

Your insurance company is likely to need details of your volunteer roles. Volunteers must work within the boundaries of these roles to remain covered. 

  1. Inform Volunteers: Make volunteers aware of the insurance in place, what it covers, and any restrictions.
  2. Volunteer Drivers: Ensure volunteer drivers have appropriate car insurance if they use their own cars. Verify up-to-date driving licenses and insurance cover. Explain the policy to them, particularly if the volunteer is paid expenses.
  3. Club-Owned Vehicles: Ensure you have the right insurance cover if volunteers are driving vehicles owned by the club.
  4. Age Restrictions: Check any age restrictions on your insurance cover.
  5. Renewal and Review: Make a note of when to renew your insurance and regularly review your insurance needs. Don’t just simply renew your policy as your needs may have changed.

Insurance for Coaches

Having insurance as a coach is paramount, especially in terms of public liability cover for coaching activities in relevant settings.

  1. Public Liability Insurance
  2. UK Coaching Multi-Sport Cover: UK Coaching also provides multi-sport cover.

Always, always seek the guidance of a professional when arranging insurance to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for all aspects of your esports club.