What is risk management


Esports activities are enjoyed everyday without problems, however if any do arise it is important to follow a few basics steps. 

Think about:

  1. The risks – A risk is the chance, high or low, of somebody being harmed by a hazard, and how serious the harm could be.
  2. How accidents could happen and who might be harmed – Identify potential sources of harm in your esports environment.
  3. What you will need to do to control the risks – Ask if there is anything you should do to make your club activities safer.
  4. Financial, legal, event management, and club reputation risks as well as health and safety – consider all potential risks associated with running an esports club.

Encourage everybody in the club to report issues and potential risks immediately to a club official.

Common issues to look at and consider may include the condition of gaming equipment & facilities, the safe use and access to premises such as gaming rooms or lounges.

You can rate each risk on a scale of 1-3, with 3 being the highest impact and also in terms of how likely or unlikely they are to happen.

If you have any risks that could cause serious harm, you will need to asses these carefully and decide what you can do to lower the risk. Overtime, clubs will need to regularly monitor the risks and assess if anything changes that increases the risk factors.