Community Rules


1. You MUST follow the Discord Terms of Use and Community Guidelines Evading these rules and guidelines will result in an immediate ban.


2. Be courteous to each other, posts or discussions containing; flaming, abusive, offensive, confrontational or threatening language will be deleted, persistent offenders will be permanently banned.


3. Do not post personally identifiable information in our Discord, included but not limited to; order numbers, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.


4. Usernames and profile pictures must not contain any vulgar language or be offensive in any way, additionally do not include any glitched/ASCII text.


5. . Do not post anything considered ‘NSFW’ this includes pornographic or offensive images, files, warez, illegal software, or discussions relating to these.


6. If you need an admin signal for @Moderator


7. No advertising streams, broadcasting channels (Youtube, Twitch, or anything alike) and social media outside #self-promotion-🗣 unless given permission and verified by a member of staff or the moderation team. This includes chainmail and scaremongering.


8. No spamming. Anyone caught spamming to increase XP / Levels will be warned and then have their XP / Level reset.


9. Make sure you’re posting content in the correct channel.


If these rules are breached in any way our Moderation team will follow our organization process. If multiple smaller offenses occur, it will lead to you being removed from the Esports Wales Discord server and other platforms.