Our Mission

Competitive video gaming, also called esports, brings together people from all areas. As such Esports Wales aims to represent the common interests of these people from the amateur to the professional level of electronic sports. We want to develop, promote and supervise the practise of esports in a spirit of equality and human fulfilment.

Established in 2018 Esports Wales has stepped up to be the governing body for esports within Wales.

  • To support competitive gaming from the grassroots to the professional level. 
  • We aim to improve the standard of Welsh esports and increase its level of awareness in Wales. 
  • We aim to provide opportunities for esports talent in Wales to be scouted by professional teams through hosting and sponsoring tournaments nationwide with the focus always on Wales.

Our Values

A no compromise no regrets philosophy – daring to dream!


Bringing perspective and a recognition that we do this for the enjoyment.


Doing the right thing – even when no one is looking.


Pursuit of our goals and a recognition that it’s ok to make mistakes to become better.


Inclusive and welcoming to all – the esports family. committed to each other’s success. 


Achieving in and out of game – responsible for each other’s reputations.


The Commitment of the Stakeholders

For this document, Stakeholders are considered as the following: Players, Supporters, Coaches, Casters, Streamers, Volunteers, Commercial Entities, Partners.

Respect the rules: All Stakeholders in esports industy agree to respect the rules of the competition that apply to them. We believe equal opportunities are essential during the course of a competition. The regulations outlined define the conditions for the practice of esports.

Respect the opponent: The stakeholders who have accepted this agreement undertake to avoid any lack of respect towards other stakeholders or external people. Any violent behaviour is strictly prohibited and will immediately result in exclusion from organisation.

Refrain from cheating: Cheating leads to a break in equal opportunities. All stakeholders therefore will fight against the use of any software or  physical or mental faculties that are deemed cheating within the rules.

Prohibit and fight against discrimination: No discrimination will be allowed. Thus, no difference in treatment which would be linked in particular to sex, age, sexual or political orientation, marital status, ethnic origin, skin color, religion, or disability will be tolerated in Welsh eports.

Protect minors:The PEGI system (Pan European Game Information) provides advice on access to video games to an age classification. Organisers of a video game competition should undertake to inform the public participating in one of their event of the PEGI classifications of video games presented in competition. In accordance with the law, a minor may be authorised to participate in a competition the video game of which is subject to a restriction, provided that he presents an authorization signed by one of his parents, or legal representatives

The Strategy

Esports Wales has outlined the full strategy and how we plan to grow esports within Wales over the next few years.

Full Esports Wales Strategy Here