Staff Introduction – WelshBoon

Posted by esportswales July 6, 2020 in Esports
Today we sat down with WelshBoon aka Dylan Edwards.
What is your gamer tag and how did you get the name?
My alias everywhere is WelshBoon – Welsh due to my pride in being Welsh and speaking the magnificant language fluently, Boon was my nickname in school which is short for Baboon. I was called all kinds of names in school and Boon was the one that stick because a bully called me a Baboon and I retaliated, which was the start of the bullying going away. Note to all – DON’T BULLY PEOPLE, IT’S NOT COOL!

What age did you start playing games and what’s the first game you remember playing?
4 years old, playing on my Commodore ZX spectrum before dropping vimto all over it and ruining it! After that I was fortunate to get an Amiga 1200 and that’s when video gaming really kicked in, playing the likes of Premier Manager 3, Zool, Desert Strike and Sensible World of Soccer!
What made you decide to pursue a role in Esports? 

I absolutely love the Esports scene and the amount of work that goes into the events and the teams. I also love playing CSGO and the amount of tactics that goes into each play, both defensive and offensive. I want to see Esports grow in Wales especially, so Esports Wales was perfect!

What’s your all time favourite game?
Final Fantasy VII
What is a typical day like for you?
I get up with just enough time for a shower and get dressed and rush to work for a typical 9-5 job. I consider going to the gym, decide against it, and then make some food and play some form of FPS game!
What do you like to do when you aren’t gaming or working in gaming? 
I have a couple of D&D groups going, which is always fun. Trying to get back into sports, mainly Tennis and getting fit again.
Can you give any advice to anyone looking to start working in the Esports industry?
If you are truly passionate to working in an industry that’s very difficult to get into (such as video games or Esports), keep trying and trying! Eventually the hard work will pay off and you will get to work in an industry that you love, which is very rare and important. Try your hand at making some personal content to begin with, such as casting on Twitch, writing blogs, or whatever you are passionate about, and try not to focus on the numbers to start with (such as viewers, visit counts etc.) – the more you work, the better the chance of success.
Any shout-outs?
To all my friends that have put up with me learning to play CSGO in the first place and my countless trolling over the years, thanks for putting up with me for so long!

Quick Fire Round!!!

1. PC or Console?


2. Prime or Netflix?


3. Cat or Dog?


4. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek

5. Coffee or Tea?


6. Android or iOS?


7. Facebook or Twitter?


8. Instagram or Snapchat ?


9. Pepsi or Coke?


10. Brown or White Bread?

White Bread

11. Ghost Busters or Goosebumps


12. South Wales or North Wales

North Wales

13. Ice or Fire


14. Football or Rugby


15. Twitch or Youtube