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Here is our esports advice area you will find help and support for any queries you may have both in and out of the games. As an organisation, we want to support our esports family at all levels! 

The Esports Basics 

This section is for new people entering the esports scene and getting you up to speed. 

Esports Player Support

Esports Careers and Education

Here at esports wales, we are helping to develop pathways into the industry. 

Academy Workshops

Check if there are any academy workshops in your area.

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Health and Wellbeing

Esports Wales promotes a healthy balance between gaming and your health and well-being.


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Fitness and Nutrition

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Good nutrition and fitness are important for esports players for several reasons:

  1. Improved Physical Performance

  2. Mental Health

  3. Injury Prevention

  4. Healthy Habits

Overall, fitness and nutrition are key components of an esports player’s holistic health and performance and are critical for success in the highly competitive world of esports.

Hardware and Tech Advice

Hardware is important for esports players because it affects their ability to perform at a high level. The right hardware can make the difference between winning and losing in a highly competitive environment. Here are some specific reasons why hardware is important for esports players:

  1. Improved Performance

  2. Consistency

  3. Comfort

  4. Communication

  5. Competitive Advantage

Overall, hardware is important for esports players because it affects their performance, comfort, and competitiveness. Having the right hardware can give a player a significant advantage in the highly competitive world of esports.

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