As the national body for Esports in Wales, we look after the esport in all its disciplines from the grassroots up to the national teams. We work with our partners and stakeholders across Wales to support our growing network of clubs and their members by providing an affiliation and support structure that aims to ensure there are safe, fun and accessible opportunities for all to participate.

  1. We’re all about the thrill of the game! We work  with clubs and event organisers, we ensure Wales is buzzing with top-notch esports competition opportunities.
  2. Together with stakeholders, we’re igniting the passion for esports athletics among Children and Young People, inside and outside the school gates. But wait, there’s more!
  3. We’re not just about playing esports; we’re revolutionising the game with our upbeat approach to esports governance, working hand in hand with international nation bodies to deliver the excitement in the safest, most engaging, and downright fun way possible!

Our Story

Started by like-minded gamers who wanted to develop the community in Wales. Esports Wales is a registered community interest company, founded in 2018, and is responsible for the development of esports in Wales, from the grassroots to the national level.

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Our Goals

Competitive video gaming, also called esports, brings together people from all areas. As such Esports Wales aims to represent the common interests of these people from the amateur to the professional level of electronic sports. We want to develop, promote and supervise the practice of esports in a spirit of equality and human fulfillment.


Established in 2018 Esports Wales has stepped up to be the national body for esports within Wales.

To support competitive gaming from the grassroots to the professional level.

We aim to improve the standard of Welsh esports and increase its level of awareness in Wales.

We aim to provide opportunities for esports talent in Wales to be scouted by professional teams through hosting and sponsoring tournaments nationwide with the focus always on Wales.

Our Values


A no-compromise no regrets philosophy - daring to dream!


Bringing perspective and a recognition that we do this for enjoyment.


Doing the right thing - even when no one is looking.


Bringing perspective and a recognition that we do this for enjoyment.


Inclusive and welcoming to all - the esports family. committed to each other's success.


Inclusive and welcoming to all - the esports family. committed to each other's success.


Our Strategy

Esports Wales has outlined the full strategy and how we plan to grow esports within Wales over the next few years.

Find the full Esports Wales Strategy Here


National Teams

Esports Cup of Nations – In 2020 we partnered with Esports Scotland to create a new international tournament showcasing Scotland v Wales in multiple competitive games. Both facing off against each other with the best players each nation has to offer.


IESF – Esports Wales is a member of the International Esports Federation and played in various international tournaments such as the World Esports Championship.



European Esports Federation – Esports Wales become full members of European Esports Federation in 2023 in Paris. 


Commonwealth Esports Championship run by Global Esports Federation, Wales Won 3 medals in the commonwealth esports championships


Esports Wales links with FAW to support the selection and running of the national team for EAFC. 

Welsh Masters

For the last two years, we have held the Welsh Masters online event to show off some of the best esport talent in Wales.

All teams in the Welsh Masters require 50% of their roster to be Welsh or living in Wales.

Welsh Esports League 

In 2023 Esports Wales started the Welsh Esports League, the national league for Welsh Esports. 

Registered Welsh clubs compete for Glory over multiple titles. 

Community Events

Community events are hosted throughout the year on various game titles. These events are open to anyone in the community and normally have some amazing prizes!

From general community nights to give it a try nights, Check out when our next community events is by visiting our events calendar.