Esports Terminology

Auto Attack – Your champions/hero will automatically attack.


Aggro – This is normally used when you get the enemy to focus on trying to attack you.


AD / Attack Damage – This normally examples an item or character. Attack damage is one type of damage that can be done to enemy champions. Others include Ability Power, True Damage etc.


AoE – Area of Effect


Buff – Gain something to have a power spike, this could be increased damaged, speed or defense.


Caster – Being the commentator for a game, normally there are two casters to a match.


CC / Crowd Control – This is an ability that normally does an area of affect and holds or slows a group in a position.


Cheese – Using easy tactic, or exploit in the game to get an advantage over the other team members.


CS / Creep Score – The amount of enemy minions that they have killed during that match.


Dive – Normally a team compensation that tactic is to rush the enemy team.


DPS – Damage per second


Farm – Kill minions or enemy champions to get stronger.


Feeding  – Doing a misplay and dying to the enemy champions


FF – Stands for finish fast, Normally this is when people want to quit the game as they believe it is a loss.


Flaming – This is harassing others players in the game.


FPS – First Person Shooter is a game genre, Games like counter strike global offence, Call of Duty.


Frag – Term for picking up a kill in some first person shooter games.


Gank – The act of surprising an opponent, typically coming in from the side or behind the opponent


GG – Stands for good game, It is normally used a a sportsmanship term when you have finished a game. It can be used as a sarcastic remark if the game didn’t go well.


Glass cannon – Champion/Hero that can deal out a lot of damage but is not able to take a lot of damage. Normally this is Attack damage characters.


GLHF – Good Luck Have Fun


Griefing – This is a term of abusing other players


Harass – This term is used to attack the other player in game.


Inting – This is a reference to “intentionally feeding”


Jungler – This is a champions that roam the map in MOBAs and and doesn’t have a fixed lane


Kappa – A term used for joking abusing someone online, It’s a way people have banter together


KDA – Kill, Death, Assist


Kiting – This is a term used to hit the enemy and then move to a position and shoot them again. Always staying out of the enemies attack range.


Last Hit – The last hit on a enemy player or enemy minion. This is normally the death kill.

Macro – Short for macromanagement is everything linked to the economy. This includes gathering minerals and building up your buildings and upgrading them.


Meta – The strongest tactics currently being played.


Micro – The ability to control units individually. This term is normally used in RTS games.


MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena


Nerf – To make something less strong


NPC – Non player Character


OOM – Out of Mana


Peel – To pull a player away from the group so they can be attacked


Proc – To activate a automatic ability


Push – To move forward


QQ – This term is used to tell people to just quite because they are not skilled


Recall -To teleport back to base


RNG – Random aspects of the game


Rotation – To move around the map


RTS – Real time strategy


Rush – To push the enemy team or objective quickly


Salty – Someone being unpleasant in game


Shotcaller – The person calling the tactics and what the team are doing


Skillshot – A ability that needs to be aimed to used


Snowball – A the team or champion gets strong they are able to kill more and keep getting stronger


Tank – A defensive champion/hero that can take a lot of damage but normally are not able to put out a lot of damage.


Tilt – When someone gets annoyed at the game and they think that they are going to lose


Ultimate – Normally the strongest ability of a champions/hero


Vision – What you can see on a map, this term is normally used in RTS and MOBAs


Wards – These are items that you can place on a map to give you vision


Zoning – This is blocking the enemy team from moving forward. If they do move forward you either do damage to them or dive them. This puts them in a disadvantage