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Passionate about gaming & tech?

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Elevate Your Future with Esports Wales 

Perfect for anyone aiming to carve out a career in esports or simply keen to broaden their knowledge.

Beyond Gaming Skills

Learn crucial skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership, applicable in gaming and beyond.

Wide Range of Topics

Explore everything from the basics to specialised skills with workshops on esports fundamentals, event management, tournament organization, casting, and streaming.

Flexible Learning for All

Whether you're in for a quick taster or a deep dive with our six-week courses, we adapt to your needs. Looking for something more? Let's tailor a program just for you.

Hands-on Experience

Put theory into practice with abundant opportunities to apply your new skills, supported by our team of expert trainers.

About the Esports Wales Academy

We offer an even playing field and equal access to exciting opportunities for everyone to discover their potential and achieve their aspirations.


Workshop participants will have access to our expert trainers, who will guide them through the training materials and provide support and feedback throughout.


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Our Workshops

We already have workshops available to join! 

Introduction to Esports

Dive into the dynamic world of esports, exploring its history, impact, and the basics of competitive gaming.

Esports Event Management

Acquire the expertise to design, coordinate, and execute standout esports events that leave a lasting impression.

Tournament Administration

Master the art of organizing and managing successful esports tournaments, from planning to execution.

Esports Casting Workshop

Hone your commentary skills and learn how to captivate an audience in the fast-paced esports arena.

Esports Player Development

Elevate your gaming skills and mental game to professional levels with focused training and strategies.

Path to Industry

Navigate your way into the esports industry with insights into career opportunities and professional growth.

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