What is Esports?

Posted by norrisboi February 28, 2019 in Esports

In short, Esports are competitive online or LAN matches that take place within a league or competition set-up. Examples of this include the Overwatch League, the Call of Duty Championship and the ESL Proleague. Usually a governing body will run leagues and then these leagues will progress to finals championships or other events that usually attract many spectators and sponsors.

Esports is a growing industry, estimated to be worth $1.5 billion in 2020 by Business Insider. With the ever growing popularity of gaming as a genuine hobby and viable career choice, the popularity of Esports and the gaming industry as a whole has only sky-rocketed.

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Esports on a more “grass roots” level can be anything from playing competitive Overwatch or CSGO matches in a squad with friends to professional matches in a league or competition. This recent surge in popularity has only broadened the scope of opportunities to get involved with Esports at any level. There are many events across the U.K such as Insomnia, Epic LAN and EGX that all offer competitive tournaments and a chance to gain a foothold in the Esports world. They all have their own sign up pages that are usually available on their own websites prior to an event so don’t be shy!

Professional Esports has attracted thousands of players to really get involved and see if they can make a name for themselves in the industry and also forge a career path for themselves and others. Millions of people around the world watch Esports events and the number of fans is only growing.

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