2022 Commonwealth Games’ Esports Championships in Birmingham

Posted by John Jackson September 18, 2022 in NATIONALNEWS

The Commonwealth Esports Championships were held as part of the Commonwealth Games, and feature top-flight esports athletes from across the Commonwealth nations. Esports Wales is delighted that we were part of the inaugural main event held in Birmingham on the 6th-7th of August.

Esports Wales fielded teams in six categories at the Commonwealth Esports Championships and stepped to take Gold Medal in Rocket League beating Esports England, Bronze Medal in Efootball Open and a Silver medal for our Efootball Women’s Player.

Rocket League Open

George Rusiecki Breezi Rocket League Open
Owain Lloyd Lamb Foxy Rocket League Open
Euan Ingram Tadpole Rocket League Open
Benjamin Rees Bentzi Rocket League Open

Rocket League Womens

Ceinwen Fisher ceinwenfisher17 Rocket League Womens
Jennifer Briggs PixiePoppins Rocket League Womens
Jess Roughton Scry Rocket League Womens
Codie Rocket League (Coach) RL Game Manager
Talon Rocket League (Coach) Womens

Dota 2 Open

Rosie Williams Fler Dota 2 Womens
Kit Vickery Kit Dota 2 Womens
Louise Davies Mrs Nesbitt Dota 2 Womens
NadiaRoxz Dota 2 Womens
Grace bell Peachybell Dota 2 Womens
Naomi Jones Soong Dota 2 Womens
Ashley Davies MrAshleeD Dota 2 (Coach) Womens

Dota 2 Womens

Cai Davies Cook Dota 2 Open
David Jones Dai Dota 2 Open
Sebastian Morgan Iggy Dota 2 Open
Josh Neb Dota 2 Open
Volition Dota 2 Open
James Gittins Canal Guy Dota 2 (Coach) Open


Cerith Dennis CerithDennis EFootball Open
Efootball Womens
Amey Fisher fisher EFootball Womens
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