Careers: Production

As esports continues to grow in popularity, the demand for skilled professionals in the industry increases. One such career path is in production, where individuals oversee the creation and execution of esports events, tournaments, and broadcasts. Production roles can vary depending on the specific event or company, but generally involve coordinating the technical and creative aspects of the production process.


A production career in esports can be diverse, with opportunities in live events, broadcasting, video content creation, and more. Some key production roles in the esports industry include:

  1. Event Producer: An event producer is responsible for planning and executing esports events. This can include venue selection, budget management, and coordinating with various teams and stakeholders to ensure a successful event.

  2. Broadcast Producer: A broadcast producer oversees the production of esports broadcasts, including camera angles, graphics, and sound. They work with technical teams to ensure a high-quality viewing experience for audiences.

  3. Video Content Producer: A video content producer creates video content for esports events, social media, and other platforms. This can include pre-recorded segments, player profiles, and promotional content.

  4. Technical Producer: A technical producer manages the technical aspects of esports events, including equipment setup and maintenance, network connectivity, and troubleshooting.

  5. Production Coordinator: A production coordinator supports the production team by managing schedules, budgets, and logistics. They ensure that all aspects of the production process are running smoothly.

In order to succeed in a production role in the esports industry, individuals should have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Familiarity with gaming and esports culture is also a plus. Technical skills, such as knowledge of broadcasting equipment, video editing software, and production workflows, are also highly valuable in these roles.


One benefit of working in production in the esports industry is the opportunity to work in a rapidly growing and exciting field. Esports events and broadcasts continue to attract large audiences, and companies are investing more in the production quality of these events. Additionally, the esports industry provides opportunities for professionals to work on an international scale, with events taking place in countries all around the world.


Overall, a career in production in the esports industry can be highly rewarding for those with a passion for both gaming and the technical and creative aspects of producing events and broadcasts. With the industry’s continued growth and demand for high-quality production, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to thrive in this exciting field.