Benefits of Online Gaming

Posted by Stacey Louise Bennett July 12, 2020 in ADVICE

In the internet age, we live in a time where we are able to connect with people regardless of where they are in the world. This has impacted the gaming world, as well.
Multiplayer has evolved from split-screen gaming,  groups of players can team up to play against players they have never met before. Teams can even play their chosen game on a competitive level, which is often streamed on popular platforms.
Despite the negativity that continues to surround gaming as a whole, there are so many positive things that can be the result of online gaming.

Planning/Problem solving
Games such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege involve teamwork to play effectively. A lot of thought can go into a team based game such as: which character counters another character? Do you want to tackle an objective head on, or a less direct approach? How many support and/or healers characters do you need?

These are skills that can be applied to real life, too, by looking for different approaches to situations. you’ll be prepared for any outcome and won’t narrow your options down.

Social Interaction
Gaming has become more social than it ever was, gamers are no longer required to be in the same room to play together. It is also easier than ever to find communities for your favourite titles. Applications like Discord have servers where like-minded people are, so finding co-op partners are easy to find. There are also various gaming related groups on social media. as well as, various gaming forums scattered about the internet.

Through these methods, you can find people to talk to, or you can talk to people you already know when you can’t see them in person, for example, the current pandemic. It has become a great way to get social interaction and improve your social skills.

It Promotes Leadership Skills
Sometimes, in team based games your strategies won’t always work. This can be a frustrating thing and players can often lose motivation. In situations like these, one member of the team might step up and come up with a new plan, or provide good advice to their teammates.

This is a handy skill to have in real world environments, such as, a group project or in a meeting. Having some at the helm can always help steer a project in the right direction.

Now that you don’t always have to be in person to play video games in person, a lot more situations can factor in when it comes to playing games online. You could have conflicting schedules such as work, for example. You might have a friend who is in a different time zone, so you would need to work around that, by arranging times where you are all awake and have enough time to complete what you’ve aimed for in the game.


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