British Teen comes second in Fortnite World Cup

Posted by esportswales August 5, 2019 in Esports

15 year old British teenager Jaden Ashman, better known as Wolfiez in game, has finished second in the Fortnite world cup. Alongside his duo’s partner Dave Jong or Rojo, Jaden has split a prize pool of just over £2 million with his partner. 30 countries in total were involved in the finals that took place on the 28th of July, with Jaden and his competitors flying out to New York to fight it out in the finals and to compete for the prize money and  bragging rights.

Just beaten by four points, Jaden and duo’s partner Dave were very close to taking the title all together. But for the teenager from the UK, Jaden has only given Esports in the UK a positive representation of what can be achieved and what it can do for those involved at a high level. After many altercations with mother Lisa, the youngster now plans to buy a home for his family with the winnings from the Fortnite World Cup.

With gaming and Esports only becoming more popular as days go by, the positive effect Wolfiez and Rojo have had on Esports as a genuine sport rather than a hobby in the UK is monumental and shouldn’t be taken likely. The idea that Esports can become a potential career option and that there are different paths and career options available has shone a positive light on the entire industry. Although, it has also raised questions about how much time is too much time to practice? Or is it really a viable option for adolescents to pursue this as a career? But with moderation and control, these young players could achieve very similar achievements and that’s what counts for the future of the industry.

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Everyone at Esports Wales would like to congratulate Jaden on his success and hopes that some of our own community members could progress in similar competitions.

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