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Posted by esportswales April 10, 2023 in NATIONALNEWS
Wales win the Open and Womens national efootball tournaments at Insomnia

Ceirth Dennis, the Welsh eFootball player, recently made history by winning the British Esports eFootball competition, beating out tough competition from Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. The competition was held on the Esports Stage at Insomnia in Birmingham.

Dennis, who hails from Wales, had a remarkable performance throughout the competition, showcasing his skills and expertise in eFootball. He was able to outperform his opponents with his sharp reflexes, strategic gameplay, and exceptional teamwork.

Dennis’s triumph in the British Esports eFootball competition is a testament to his dedication and hard work towards the game. He has been practicing tirelessly, refining his skills, and constantly pushing himself to the limit. His success is a source of inspiration for many aspiring esports players, not just in Wales, but all over the world.

Taken by British Esports
Taken by British Esports

In the women’s eFootball competition, the team from Georgia from Wales emerged victorious, beating out Northern Ireland in a thrilling finale. The Georgia displayed exceptional coordination, and tactical prowess, which got her a well-deserved victory.

The British Esports eFootball competition is a major esports event, which allows the British nations battle it out. provides a platform for players to showcase their skills, compete with other players, and gain recognition in the esports industry. The event has been a huge success, and it is expected to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.

Esports has become a major industry, with millions of players and fans all over the world. It is an industry that is constantly evolving and growing, with new games and tournaments being introduced regularly. The success of Welsh players Ceirth Dennis and Georgia in the British Esports eFootball competition is a clear indication of the potential of esports, and the bright future that lies ahead for this industry.

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