Esports Wales announces partnership with Ygam

Posted by Esports Wales April 11, 2024 in PRESS RELEASE

The collaboration combines Esports Wales’ expertise in esports with Ygams’ knowledge in preventative education to promote a healthy and safer gaming environment that prioritises the mental and physical well-being of young players and fans.

As part of the partnership, the Ygam branding will feature on the front and back of the players’ jerseys for the Esports Wales national team.

Ygam will be working with Esports Wales to deliver specialist educational workshops to individuals and groups across Wales who have a duty of care or influence over young people including teachers, parents, youth workers, carers, universities and more.

John Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Esports Wales, said: “We are excited to partner with Ygam to further our commitment to promoting safer gaming within the esports community. As esports continues to grow in popularity, it’s crucial that we prioritize the well-being of our players and fans. Through this partnership, we aim to provide valuable resources and support to empower individuals to make responsible choices while gaming.”

Dr Jane Rigbye, Chief Executive Officer at Ygam, said: “We are delighted to team up with Esports Wales at this exciting stage of their journey. We know that the majority of young people in Wales regularly play or engage with video games, so it’s incumbent upon us all to ensure that they are educated on the potential risks of the digital world they are so entwined in. As the demand for our resources continues to increase, we are looking forward to further expanding our reach and impact across Wales by working with more schools, families, and other groups who share our passion for safeguarding future generations.”

For more information about Esports Wales and Ygam, please visit Esports Wales website and YGAM, respectively.

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