Esports Wales CCO Boon shifts roles to Chief Gaming Officer

Posted by John Jackson May 26, 2020 in COMMUNITY
  • Chief Creative Officer Dylan Edwards aka Boon has transitioned from CCO of Esports Wales to Chief Gaming Officer.
  • The Chief Creative Officer will be advertised and CEO will take over the duties in the interim.
  • Dylan will focus on player and team management in his new role, as well as developer relations.

From today Dylan Edwards (Boon) has left his Chief Creative Officer position in favor of a new role within the organisation, Chief Gaming Officer.

“As the company grows and expands, I believe it would be more an area I could develop having started in that dept ” said Boon

Esports Wales founder and CEO (John Jackson) will serve as Chief Creative Officer in the interim. As chief gaming officer, Dylan will focus on recruiting and managing players and teams, as well as linking with the creative team to deliver more content to you guys.

“Looking forward to see where Boon takes the Esports Division. We have had a lot of new volunteers join over the last week and its got a lot of excitement going again within Esports Wales.” said CEO John Jackson

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John Jackson
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