Esports Wales hosts first meet up at Belong Cardiff

Posted by John Jackson July 4, 2019 in COMMUNITY

With around 30 members of the community meeting in the nation’s capital, for many, this was the first opportunity to place a name, or gamertag, to a face. Key members in attendance included Esports Wales’ founder & CEO, SlayerJohn, Chief Community Officer, nX, Chief Esports Officer, Curio & Streaming Manager, JakeyBoyPro, to name but a few.

At the event, Esports Wales members had full access to the PCs and a competition was held for the team with the highest scoring team during a game of Apex Legends, the winners of which were sent home with rewards in the form of Esports Wales Merchandise.

Equally, following their fairytale victory in the AHC Cup Green division, Overwatch Team Tân’s players finally got a chance to meet one another to translate and cement their relationship from in-game, to reality. The Tân players in attendance included SlayerJohn, Foukwan & ShadesPlays.

In addition to Overwatch, most other games covered by the organisation were also represented at the event. With players lining the banks of computers set up in the back of the GAME store, you could find players enjoying games from across all genres; from FPS’ to MOBAs & RTS, the night provided key opportunities in finding like-minded players to team up with in the future!

The next planned meetup for the Esports Wales community will be at Insomnia 65 gaming festival from the 23rd-36th of August in Birmingham. You can find tickets for the event here.

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John Jackson
John Jackson, also known as SlayerJohn, leads Esports Wales with passion and vision. As a seasoned esports enthusiast, John's leadership drives innovation and growth within Wales' gaming community. Follow his journey and insights on X(Twitter) @JohnJackson750 and connect on LinkedIn John Jackson.