Esports Wales pulls off fairytale win in the All Heroes Cup Green Division!

Posted by John Jackson March 21, 2019 in Esports

It might be one of the greatest underdog stories in Welsh Esports. Esports Wales wins All Heroes Cup Green Division.

It all started out a matter of months ago with rushed attempt to pull together a team for All Heroes Community Cup. But boy was that rush worth it.

The team started out as a group of strangers but quickly grew together to put forward some amazing results. Over the past 3 months, we have had our fair share of victories and defeats but all it took was time. By the end we managed to gel as a team, being able to rotate players to find the comps that were best suited for us, which was what ultimately led us to victory With all else said it’s an amazing first ever tournament Win for Esports Wales, definitely the first of many to come in the following months.This will hopefully open the door to increasing the number of people interested in Esports Wales which will allow is in the future to field more teams and ultimately win more Tournaments.

I would like to thank everyone who played for Esports Wales over the tournament: JakeyBoyPro, Wafflesworth, Elm0, Foukwan, Ked, Sweetamber92, ShadesPlays, Shakotan, Drowningfish, NatoYo.


Green Division
Left Team Right Team Score Date Time(GMT)
Week 1 Team TBAG Esports Wales 4 0 28-Jan 7:00 GMT
24/1 – 27/1 The Atlas The 200 Pingers 4 0 27-Jan 4:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Bawk Bawk LEEK 1 3 26-Jan 7:30 GMT
Week 2 Team TBAG The Atlas 0 4 02-Feb 7:00 GMT
28/1 – 3/2 Esports Wales The 200 Pingers 4 0 03-Feb 4:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Bawk Bawk BYE 0 0 02-Feb 7:00 GMT
Busan LEEK BYE 0 0 43499 7:00 GMT
Week 3 Team TBAG The Atlas 2 2 05-Feb 7:00 GMT
4/2 – 10/2 LEEK Esports Wales 3 1 11-Feb 7:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Bawk Bawk BYE 0 0 07-Feb 7:00 GMT
Week 4 Team TBAG LEEK 3 1 18-Feb 7:00 GMT
11/2 – 17/2 Bawk Bawk The Atlas 0 4 17-Feb 1:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Esports Wales BYE 0 0 14-Feb 7:00 GMT
Week 5 BYE Team TBAG 0 0 21-Feb 7:00 GMT
18/2 – 24/2 Esports Wales Bawk Bawk 4 0 21-Feb 7:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: LEEK The Atlas 0 4 25-Feb 7:00 GMT
Week 6 Esports Wales Team TBAG 0 3 28-Feb 7:00 GMT
25/2 – 3/3 BYE The Atlas 0 0 28-Feb 7:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Bawk Bawk LEEK 0 4 28-Feb 7:00 GMT
Lijiang Tower
Week 7 The Atlas Esports Wales 1 3 07-Mar 6:00 GMT
4/3 – 10/3 LEEK BYE 0 0 07-Mar 7:00 GMT
King of The Hill Map: Team TBAG Bawk Bawk 4 0 05-Mar 7:00 GMT
Playoffs Map Pool (in order): Nepal, Junkertown, Temple of Anubis, Kings Row, Ilios
Week 8 The Atlas LEEK 3 2 19-Mar 7:00 GMT
11/3 – 17/3 Team TBAG Esports Wales 1 3 14-Mar 7:00 GMT
Week 8 Esports Wales The Atlas 2 0 21-Mar 7:00 GMT

Join our discord if you are interested in playing for Esports Wales in a future tournament.

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