Esports Wales Set to Inspire at Bett 2024

Posted by John Jackson December 28, 2023 in EDUCATIONNEWS

Esports Wales is gearing up to make its mark at the world’s largest EdTech event, Bett 2024. Scheduled to take place at the Excel in London from January 24-26, 2024, Bett 2024 is a global platform that brings together educators, tech enthusiasts, and innovators from around the world. Esports Wales’ participation in this event signifies a significant step towards recognising the educational potential of esports and its impact on the evolving landscape of learning in Wales.

Esports, the competitive playing of video games, has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity worldwide. Beyond its entertainment value, esports has emerged as a powerful tool for skill development, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Recognising the inherent educational benefits, Esports Wales is set to showcase the various pathways being developed for people gaining careers in the Digital, Sport and Creative sectors. 

Esports Wales will have a stand at Bett demonstrating how esports can be harnessed as a valuable educational tool. From fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills to promoting teamwork and communication, esports has the potential to engage students in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Esports can be a gateway to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) subjects, encouraging students to explore various disciplines through the lens of gaming.

At Bett 2024, Esports Wales will explore the cutting-edge technologies that can be integrated into esports education. From virtual reality (VR) experiences to gamified learning platforms, the event will serve as a hub for educators to discover innovative ways of incorporating technology into the classroom. Esports Wales aims to bridge the gap between the gaming world and traditional education, creating a synergy that prepares students for the demands of the digital age.

Esports Wales’ participation in Bett 2024 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of esports as an educational tool. By showcasing the potential of esports in the classrooms and exploring innovative technologies, Esports Wales is poised to shape the future of education in Wales. As the worlds of gaming and education continue to converge, the presence of Esports Wales at the world’s biggest EdTech event signals a promising future where esports plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning experiences of the next generation.

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