Esports Wales to Head to World Esports Championship in Bali

Posted by John Jackson November 24, 2022 in NATIONALNEWS

Esports Wales, the not-for-profit Welsh body for competitive and grassroots esportes, supported via Creative Wales and sponsors such as Deam me out, is moving towards an action-packed winter at the World Esports Championships in Bali. The team heads to Indonesia after an action-packed year, claiming Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Commonwealth Esports Championships, and high placements in the European Esports Championships. 

The World Esports Championship 2022 will feature top-flight esports athletes from across the world, with over 600 national esports players due to compete and set to be a landmark occasion for esports.

Competitive gaming is taking yet another huge step toward becoming globally accepted, with fans and competitors from around the world hugely excited about the event. History will be made in Bali, as it will be the biggest-ever international esports championship.

Introducing Team Wales

After intense competition, Esports Wales is delighted to share that they will be fielding the following teams at the World Esports Championship:


  • Cerith Dennis

CSGO – Counterstrike: Global Offensive 

  • Emyr
  • Kyzer
  • m0g
  • Trouzzyy
  • Walli

Coach – Stator

Esports Wales is doing everything in its power to ensure its teams are ready to compete against the world’s best. With preparations going well, the dedicated team is working tirelessly to put Esports Wales on the map.

“Our goal this year was to get Wales into as many national competitions as we could,” said John “SlayerJohn” Jackson, Esports Wales’ CEO. “We want to show that Wales can compete on the international stage. Heading to the World championships puts Wales in the biggest competition in the world. It’s an incredible achievement and testament to the hard work and dedication the teams and volunteers have put in.

“We head into the World Champions event after a great performance in the Commonwealth Esports Championships and European Esports Championships. 

We firmly believe a successful World Championships will encourage the growth of esports in Wales and more financial support, leading to more opportunities and future success”.

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John Jackson
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