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Posted by John Jackson September 23, 2019 in Esports

So what is Pro Clubs..

Pro Clubs is one of the most popular game modes on recent FIFA games. Players can create their own unique footballers and football clubs and play with and against other people. The teams can have up to 11 players and play like a full football match.

There have been many changes in Fifa 20 which the community have been wanting for a number of years!

The Changes!


Creating your very own virtual pro is a huge part of Pro Clubs and in FIFA 20. You now have a crazy amount of options when it comes to customising and controlling your pros in the game.

FIFA 20 has introduced a new Avatar system that has replaced the player creation. The feature will bring a new way to design your Pro’s look by using the morphing tool which allows you to morph and define the facial features, change skin tones and a lot more.

The new system has all the previous features of the old Virtual Pro System in FIFA 19 from the commentary name to the goalkeeper gloves setting. It’s not just how they look from community feedback have now added the following positions:

  • LF/RF
  • LM/RM

The newly added positions have been accompanied by a new player progression system. This allows you to choose between different positions, height and weights that will give you a bigger impact on how your pro moves and feels. The choices you pick will also affect your Pro’s physical attributes.


It means that the stamina has also been reviewed, if you invest your stats in your stamina or pace you will sacrifice other attributes of your Pro.

All players will start with 80 rating. From there you will get more stats by drop in, league and cup matches and the players traits. The new 30 additional traits in FIFA 20, if paired together with speciality traits will allow you to take the customisation to the next level. These can give your Pro some get advantages but can also potentially effect other attributes.

Match Types

In 2020 there are a few new ways to play Pro Clubs including House Rules Cups, and Practice Match.

House Rules Cup takes the House Rules from FIFA’s Kick-Off mode and brings them into Pro Clubs. House Rules Cups will rotate a match type every day of the week, and have a different cup playable on the weekends.

Practice Match means that you can practise individually or as a team against varied AI.

We know that people want these changes and these are some great steps for the future of FIFA and FIFA 20. If you want more information on FIFA 20 and Pro Clubs check out the deep dive!


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