GCS Owls player wins the HGSEsports SmashBros Tournament.

Posted by John Jackson April 15, 2020 in COLLEGE

GCS Owls player wins the HGSEsports SmashBros Tournament.

Luke “Mr Sneaky” has won the Heckmondwike Hotshots Tournament in the Smash Bros competition!

Mr Sneaky is a member of the Gower College Swansea Owls Esports team.  This is the first full season of the GCS Owls and it’s great to see them take a trophy like this home. This only looks like the start for the GCS as there are rumours that big things are going to be coming out of the college esports scene in the next year.

Mr Sneaky played Weebuwu  in the final. Playing PacMan Mr Speaky won the tournament winning the final 3-1.

Mr Sneaky advice is to learn how fast move are, to play patient but not to patent.

Check out the final games and final interview below:

Watch Heckmondwike Hotshots OFFICAL STUDENT SMASH TOURNAMENT - 1pm from HGSesports on www.twitch.tv

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