Goats esports team have partnered with Goat Drinks

Posted by John Jackson August 20, 2023 in CLUBNEWS

The Goats esports team have partnered with Goat Drinks – we’re coming together to present the perfect partnership for passionate pro players! 

The Horny Goat” is a fun and functional drink which everybody can feel a part of; whether you’re a DJ, speed knitting champion or a pro gamer! It’s a sparkling caffeinated energy drink with added B vitamins, Zinc and other goodness to keep you going throughout training and of course, those all-important key matches! Alternatively, there’s “The Funky Goat” for those wanting a sugar-free zero-calorie option too!
Goats streamers amyljoness, Lendoth, Tink, DreamyLuna, AarroonnBTW, will front the campaign on behalf of The Goats. The Goats lending their unique blend of charm, charisma and best on-camera content you’ve come to expect from them!

Another big part of the campaign will involve The Goats Rocket League team made up of Nat, Hazard, Jasmin & Hexasem, who have competed in day one of the RLCS Spring Open making joint 13th in the standings, and most recently in the RLCS Spring Cup qualifiers making joint 9th in the standings, with almost 400 other teams also playing in the qualifiers.

The team are now looking towards the second split of the Welsh Esports League with brand-new branded streaming assets, Goat Drinks in their pockets and as always, the all-important Goat Energy with them throughout – good luck everyone! Follow their journey over on The Goats Discord.
Not only that; to launch the campaign, there will also be a new asset suite and overlays for The Goats community to use on their streams and socials! Goats fans will be able to show
support for Goats players and streamers, by downloading the new “Goat Energy” Twitch asset pack, overlays and social media headers from the Goats Discord!

Rob Griffiths, CEO of the Goats team said “The Goats are growing rapidly, we’re gaining lots of new followers and players and this partnership with Goat Drinks, who are also on their tremendous journey, makes perfect sense! We’re looking forward to seeing this campaign come to life, giving something back to our players and the community and making loads of Goat content to share with everyone!

Colette Safhill, Owner of Goats Drinks said “We’re a business that really want to get involved in lots of different activities and we particularly wanted to be a part of esports. Being Goats it made perfect sense to partner with the Goats team! We’re passionate about supporting grassroots esports and helping to champion the future pro players from North Wales

The Goat’s presence on social media is ever growing. Familiarise yourself with Goat Drinks from the hub of the brand over on their website where you can find their latest activities and events. You can also give them a follow on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook!

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