Iâ announce League of Legends Roster

Posted by John Jackson December 31, 2020 in CLUBNEWS

Iâ, one of the esports wales esports teams today announced the appointment of a new League of Legends roster. The new roster will be comprised of a mixture of Welsh and talent from other countries and will play under the Esports Wales Iâ banner.

“A key priority at Esports Wales is the building and nurturing competitive gaming and players talent, especially Welsh talent,” said Matthew Payne, Chief Gaming Officer at Esports Wales.

The new roster is made up of mostly welsh national squad players and has a number of years experience playing in Valanth’s League. The team has been selected by Hawke, and comprises of:

  • Hawke Solaris
  • Streaker150
  • Pattythetank01
  • Camille
  • Astrovii
  • PCY


We’ve built an amazing talent pool in Wales over the last year and I’m thrilled to pick up a roster like this that will be part of the Esports Wales organisation. The team has a clear vision and direction, and with the correct support will hopefully we still see them starting to compete at a higher level.

“This appointment is great news for Esports Wales and excited to see how they develop over the year .” continued John Jackson. “We’ve spent the past few years focusing on the community and trying to scout the top players in Wales. Our focus now is on the core of what makes Esports Wales and it’s the competitive gaming scene. I believe that as a brand and organisation we have the skills and experience to now make Esports Wales a fixture of the British esports scene.”

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John Jackson
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