Iâ announce new CSGO Roster

Posted by John Jackson April 25, 2021 in CLUBNEWS

Iâ, one of the Esports Wales esports teams today announced the appointment of a new Iâ roster ready for the new ESEA Season. The new roster will be comprised of a mixture of Welsh and talent from other countries and will play under the Esports Wales Iâ banner.

“A key priority at Esports Wales is the building and nurturing competitive gaming and players talent, especially Welsh talent,” said John Jackson, CEO at Esports Wales.

The new roster is made up of a majority of Welsh players that has a number of years of experience playing in various CSGO tournaments as well as some fresh faces. This is the first time this roster will compete together in ESEA so we are excited to see how they do!  Selected by game manager Anders, the team comprises of:

  • stator
  • Zyrx
  • K0die
  • chippy
  • xelA

All eyes are on K0die the new welsh players who have emerged from the scene.  The team has a clear vision and direction, and with the correct support, we will see these players develop.

When we asked Stator what he thought of the team, this is what he had to say –

“So first of all, we’re all looking forward to it, and I’m personally very happy to be playing my third consecutive season under ESW, and my 2nd time playing for Iâ

We’ve had a couple of setbacks since the team was formed, resulting in two player changes. One being our IGL, and another being one of our riflers. We replaced them both with players we thought can fit the role, but the timings are a bit rough so not a lot of practice with our full 5.

However, we still expect to do well and will consistently put in the time and effort to get wins. With that being said though, there isn’t as much pressure this season, and we’ll be using this season to gain experience and chemistry.

All being well, we will then enter the following season with the same 5, but with more experience, allowing us to do even better”

“I am excited to see how the players perform, it’s always a bit nervous putting a new roster together and seeing if it will work out. The ESEA is a great tournament to test the team out and gives them a chance to learn over the season.” continued John Jackson. “Having these Welsh players coming through is exactly what Esports Wales is all about. Hopefully, this is just the start and we will see more players looking for the chance to prove themselves.”

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