IESF Expands Female’s CS:GO Tournament for 2023 World Esports Championships

Posted by esportswales April 25, 2023 in NATIONALNEWS

The International Esports Federation (IESF) today announced the
expansion of the women’s CS:GO tournament from 4to 10 teams at the 2023 World Esports
Championships Finals, taking place from August 24 to September 4 in Iași, Romania. The expansion
comes after the success of the inaugural installment of the tournament at the 2022 WE Championships
Finals in Bali, Indonesia.

The 2022 WE Championships was a historic moment for female gamers, as the introduction of the
women’s CS:GO tournament drew large crowds and was a massive stride towards greater inclusion in
esports. IESF aims to uplift and empower female gamers in all competitions, and the women’s CS:GO
tournament allows for more of the world’s best all-female teams to compete at the highest level.
IESF President Vlad Marinescu said: “We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the women’s CS:GO
tournament at this year’s World Esports Championships. This reflects the progress we have made in
making esports more inclusive for all. We can’t wait to see what these incredible teams will bring to this
year’s competition. IESF strongly believes in removing barriers to access for female gamers, and
providing them with more opportunities to shine on the world’s biggest stage.”

IESF Chief Marketing Officer Ana Karakolevska said: “I am proud of IESF for leading the charge in making
esports more inclusive for all. We have made rapid progress in just a few years and IESF hopes to
continue providing opportunities to promote gender equality in the World Esports Family and beyond.
We can’t wait to watch 10 of the world’s best teams battle it out in fast-paced CS:GO action in Iași!”

IESF’s regional qualifiers for the WE Championships will get underway in May and June, and the top ten
female CS:GO teams will secure their spots in the Finals, which will begin in August. IESF also works with
several organizations, including Women in Games and Girl Gamer Esports Festival, to help foster and
promote a safe and equitable environment for women in the esports industry.

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