Improving Your Wellbeing And Game Performance

Posted by Stacey Louise Bennett January 19, 2021 in ADVICEEsportsMENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING

Wellbeing –  “The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.”  – Oxford English Dictionary

Your wellbeing will have an impact on your life, if you’re not feeling great it will hinder your progress.
In this post, I will be talking about improving your wellbeing in ways that may also improve your game performance.

Eat well and stay Hydrated
Sugary snacks and drinks are nice treats now and again but are things that should be consumed in moderation.
While these items will give you a boost of energy it will only last for a short amount of time, then you will crash.
Instead of reaching for junk food when you’re hungry mid-game, why not try something healthier? I swapped out chocolate, cookies and crisps for apple slices, or frozen grapes.
It’s also important to keep an eye on your water intake, instead of consuming energy drinks, or other sugary drinks, keep a bottle of water near you and take regular sips.

Eating and drinking the right things will keep your body feeling good, you won’t feel sluggish and you’ll notice that you’re able to focus more on the task at hand.

Take regular Breaks
While practice is essential if you’re competing at a professional level, it is just as important to take regular breaks to avoid burnout and fatigue.
Forcing yourself to push through anything will wear you down and you will find yourself losing your patience, becoming tired and finding what you’re doing becoming a slog.
Turn the game off occasionally and do something else, for example, why not take a walk?

Taking a break can help you notice things that you wouldn’t have noticed while you were previously caught up in the moment. You might notice that your previous setups need tuning, maybe you were attacking the wrong objective first?
Clarity can come once you’re away from the situation.

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Keep Active
Your physical health can take a toll on your mental health. If you find yourself sat down for hours on end, it’ll affect you in the long run.
You must find a healthy balance between video games, exercising and your wellbeing.
Here is a link to resources for stretching exercises for gamers!

I find going for a walk to be my favourite method of keeping active.
It gives you time to clear your head and being outside is good for your mental health.

Keeping active will improve your focus, it’ll keep you energised, it’ll prove your brain function and improve your quality of sleep.
These things will ensure that you’re at the top of your game because your focus will improve, you won’t feel sluggish and being well-rested has a positive impact on your overall mood.

These things are essential in the world of competitive gaming. Your reaction time and focus need to be pinpoint, it can only take a second for a mistake to be made that could cost you a match.

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Create and Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule
Getting the right amount of sleep is necessary for humans to function, without sleep life will feel like an uphill struggle.
When we are tired, we become groggy, irritable and unable to focus.

The world of Esports and competitive gaming is fast-paced, it involves focus, patience, timing and being tired will hinder this.
You’ll find yourself becoming more frustrated as this goes on, you’ll make mistakes and might even find you might even find yourself getting angry with your teammates.

Being well-rested improves your reaction time, hand-eye coordination and it’ll improve your overall mood.
You’ll find that you’ll be a better teammate and deal with setbacks much better if you’re well rested.




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