Join AOC and MMD for a charitable twistFlip pancakes, play games and make a change: Pancake Day Special supporting TheRockinR and SpecialEffect

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Amsterdam, 23 January 2024 – Celebrate Pancake Day like never before at the “Pancake Day Special” charity event on Tuesday, 13 February 2024, at Platform Shoreditch in London between 6-10 pm. This tasty event is presented by AOC and MMD, brand license partner for Philips monitors, under the patronage of TPV-Cares – the social and environmental impact initiative by the world’s leading display manufacturer TPV, which both are subsidiaries of. The event is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for two extraordinary charities from the UK: TheRockinR and SpecialEffect. Both charities are committed to using the power of video games to positively impact the lives of physically disabled gamers as well as children and young people in long term hospital care.

Pancake Day with a purposeIt’s more than just a regular Tuesday – it’s a day where AOC and MMD flip pancakes and change lives! Players and the charitably minded are invited to get ready to game for a cause and make a tangible impact that transcends the virtual realm. This event is a rallying call to the gaming community to unite and demonstrate that gamers of all kinds can be a force for real-world positive change.

The challenges faced by disabled gamersIn the spirit of inclusivity and awareness, it’s essential to recognise the challenges faced by disabled gamers. According to the “Accessibility in Gaming Report” by Scope (2020), 60 % of gamers with impairments face barriers in gaming, and 40 % have purchased games they couldn’t play due to accessibility issues. This event aims to shed light on these challenges and promote more inclusive gaming experiences.

SpecialEffect Therapists taking delivery of Philips monitors, which help enhancegaming therapy for those with physical challenges. © 2024 SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect: transforming lives through technologySpecialEffect, a UK-based charity, is revolutionising the lives of people with physical challenges by utilising cutting-edge technology. Their mission is to optimise inclusion, joy, and quality of life by enabling individuals to control video games to the best of their abilities. With a team of occupational therapists and gaming specialists, SpecialEffect uses innovative solutions like modified controllers and eye-tracking sensors to ensure everyone can enjoy the thrill of gaming.

Bringing play to healing: Play Specialist Jo showcases TheRockinR’s Medical Gaming Cartwith an AOC monitor at Walsall Manor Hospital. © 2024 TheRockinR

TheRockinR: gaming for healing and happinessEstablished in 2018 in memory of Reece Miree, TheRockinR is a British charity that provides interactive Medical Gaming Carts to sick children and young people in hospitals across the United Kingdom & Ireland. Recognised for the therapeutic benefits, gaming offers psychological and social support to young patients. TheRockinR’s Gaming Carts have shown remarkable effects on the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. Clinicians have noted how these carts offer a respite from the hospital environment, easing anxieties and providing a sense of normalcy.

Join the fun – physically and virtuallyThe Pancake Day Special isn’t just an on-site event. To include as many gamers as possible, the experience is extended online. There will be Twitter competitions, interviews by ESNUK, as well as pre-event and post-event coverage on partnering media platforms.

Event highlights:

  • Gaming Tournament: Join the competitive fun with a Mario Kart tournament (pay to play).
  • Raffles: Try your luck with raffles featuring amazing prizes.
  • Pancake Indulgence: Enjoy delicious sweet or savoury pancakes made freshly throughout the evening.

“AOC, and MMD have been supporting both TheRockinR and SpecialEffect for several years. We are extremely excited to be able to host this event together with TPV-Cares and are hoping to raise a sizeable amount for them. To us this is more than just a gathering; it’s a movement. Let’s come together to game, enjoy pancakes, and make a lasting difference!” says Paul Butler (Regional Sales Director – UK & Ireland, MMD Monitors & Displays B.V.) “If you’re unable to join us physically, you can still get involved and make a donation to these great causes via JustGiving.”

If you wish to register to play, you can find the main event page here: 

If you wish to donate via JustGiving, you can find the link for donation here:

Feel free to share our event invitation / call for donations across your multimedia channels and platforms. For this purpose, you can find a range of visuals here for download:

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