League of Legends Ambassador Wanted!

Posted by esportswales November 11, 2019 in VACANCIESVOLUNTEER

Ambassadors are community representatives that are there to promote an individual game. They will need to have good game knowledge but be happy playing with any skill bracket.

The role is to get people playing a particular game together and creating a active community of that game.

Help run community nights
Ask new people to jump on games and schedule group games
Jump on discord comms or in game comms and try and pull people into games by asking them if they would like to join.
Scouting potential good players to play in the esports teams and point out when the trial nights are.
Help arrange training sessions to provide tips of your gameplay.

Adaptable to a dynamic constantly changing environment
Sensitive to cultural differences, particularly in Wales
Willing to be on camera and/or participate in community live streams
Willing to speak to individuals in person/personally
Understanding of Esports ecosystem is a plus.
Play League of Legends to a good standard.
Good people skills.
Excellent communication skills.
Work well in a team.

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