League of Legends Squad Announcement

Posted by John Jackson August 29, 2020 in NATIONALNEWS

The Wales Esports Cup of Nations 2020 LoL squad has been announced by Game Manager WelshNightmare.

The 10 man squad will face Scotland in the first ECON tournament on Saturday 5th September.

As this is the first year, this is going to be the first time that these players will be making an appearance for their country.

The full Wales’ 2020 ECON Squad: League of Legends 

  • Cother
  • Clarkie
  • Bufford
  • WelshNightmare
  • Pattythetank01
  • HawkeSolaris
  • KayserEU

LoL Game Manager, WelshNightmare, said a lot of thought had gone into the team decision and we are excited about the upcoming game.

Looking back to the ESW Welsh Open, that was hugely important for us. We got to see what these players could do, and how they play under pressure.

– WelshNightmare, LoL Game Manager ESW

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