NRG win the RLCS World Championship!

Posted by John Jackson December 16, 2019 in Esports

For those who missed it, NRG the North American powerhouse, has won the RLCS World championship.

But the story has been centered around Garrett who has attended every single season and lost out by a single goal back in Season 5.

This time alongside his teammates Jstn and Turopolsa they took the title in Game 7 against the title holders Vitality.


NRG went all the way to overtime in game 7, but they remained composed and Jstn managed to score the world championship-winning goal.

Garrett response was amazing, “I’m not going to retire, I’m going to be like 40 and still play if I can. I am going to be chasing this feeling forever”

With season 8 over, it’s now time to look towards the season 8 in the new year.  The tournament will begin in February with 10 teams for the first time.

If it has given you the itch to get back into the Rocket League grind or fancy joining a team feel free to hit the #tryouts channel in the Esports Wales discord.

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