What are the technical requirements for streaming?

Posted by John Jackson July 14, 2022 in ADVICETECHNOLOGY

Many people wonder whether they can also stream their favorite games, lifestyle, music, and a lot more on the internet like their favorite streamers. While streaming from mobile devices is relatively easy, it’s recommended to invest in a PC as it offers a lot more flexibility and delivers excellent streaming quality. In this guide, we’ll list some essential technical requirements for streaming to help you make the right setup and kickstart your streaming career.

Minimum Hardware requirements:

Getting yourself a high-end PC is essential if you’re dedicated to streaming your high-quality content without any lag or disconnections. If budget is not a problem, investing in a separate streaming and broadcasting deck is the way to go, as it delivers the best stream quality by distributing the hardware. However, it can be costly if you’re just getting started. Here are the minimum hardware requirements for building a beginner streaming PC:

CPU: Streaming is a CPU-intensive task, and it should be your priority to invest in a powerful CPU that offers the best processing power. Although streaming requires only two cores, I recommend you look for a six or eight-core processor if you use many other software and games for streaming. An Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 3600 are some of the most common CPUs recommended for ensuring a smooth stream.

RAM: RAM is another important component that must be considered when building a setup. While a lot of people suggest using 8 GB RAM, most of the latest streaming software and games demand higher RAM capacity. So, purchasing a 16 GB or even 32 GB RAM is better to make sure your rig supports the latest and upcoming software.

GPU: The GPU is not that important compared to the processing unit and the RAM, but if you’re someone who plays a lot of games, it’s better to look for a capable graphic processing unit to run all your games smoothly on stream. A 2060Ti or above is my recommendation for people looking to buy a graphic card.

Streaming Equipment:

Streaming is a pretty complex task that requires a lot more equipment in addition to a high-end computer. To appeal to a larger audience, you must invest in other components like webcams, mics, and much more. Here are some of the most helpful streaming equipment you need to improve your stream quality:

Audio Devices:

There’s a wide range of microphones in the market that you can use for streaming, including USB, 3.5mm, and XLR microphones. USB microphones are pretty straightforward to use, and you can directly plug them into your PCs, while XLR microphones deliver the best sound quality with minimal disturbance.


If you want to be a full-time streamer, investing in a good quality video capture device is highly recommended to help you attract more viewers and increase engagement. Depending on your budget, you can buy an affordable webcam or purchase a DSLR camera or a camcorder that can capture a 1080p or 4k video at 60 FPS.

Additional Accessories:

To complete your streaming gear, you must purchase many other accessories to ensure your setup functions appropriately. This includes a tripod or a stand for your webcam, an adjustable microphone arm to ensure the correct mic positioning, light rings, and other props for the background.

If you want to change the streaming background, you must buy a green screen. Elgato’s collapsible green screen is a highly preferred product, but there are quite a few cheaper alternatives you can also check out. Additionally, investing in an Elgato Stream Deck is also an excellent choice, providing you with 15 customizable buttons to control your streaming activities.

Final Words:

These were some essential technical requirements to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Besides these technicalities, you must also ensure a stable high-speed internet connection and the right streaming software to manage your screen, camera, and audio settings. We hope this guide helped you build a streaming rig to start your streaming career.

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