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Posted by John Jackson December 29, 2020 in ADVICETECHNOLOGY

New year, and new me, well at least a new webcam.

2020 has been a year of Zooms, Teams meetings and of course twitch streams, and with 2021 looking to be full of streams it’s prompted me to take the step forward and start upgrading my streaming setup.

Now entering the world of streaming can seem pretty scary and can come with a high price tag. For me, I know that I already get good use out of this kit and I know it’s going to be utilised. If you are looking at webcams on a budget check out the HD Webcam C270 which I currently use. If you are just trying it out I would recommend using your phone which normally has a great camera.

Set up your phone as a webcam 
Android – Check out the IP Webcam App in the android app store.
IOS – Droidcam on IOS and add it into OBS.

Anyway, back to my new webcam.

Recommendations form the Esports Wales discord were the Logitech C920 Pro, Razer Kiyo and Logitech Brio Stream Webcam.

While the Razer Kiyo has a built-in light to improve the image, I already have a Philips hue set up and wasn’t really required. Looking at the following review video the C920 looked a better quality.

The Brio Stream Webcam offered the best quality but with 2020 pushing up the prices of webcams this year it wasn’t really in my price ranged.

This meant I was left with the Logitech C920 Pro which was within my price range and offered a great improvement to the Logitech C270.

After reading and comparing prices the c920 being £150.00 and the C922 being £100.00 I ended up going for the newer version of the C920 which is the C922 Pro. C922 Pro offers the same spec as the C920 but with different firmware.

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