Shwmae, We’re Ogi

Posted by John Jackson June 28, 2023 in Esports

Shwmae, we’re Ogi.

We’re Wales’s leading alternative telecoms provider – altnet for short – installing a Gigabit-capable network in the towns and villages we call home. It’s next generation stuff, bringing ultrafast and ultra-reliable broadband to towns and villages, from a team based right around the corner.

What can Ogi’s ultrafast full fibre broadband do for you

At Ogi, we understand gaming is more than just a hobby—it’s a passion, a career, a community and so much more – and that’s why it needs the best possible internet connection. Ogi’s full fibre broadband is designed – optimized, even – to enhance your online gaming experience.

Stream faster than ever, with the Ogi full fibre broadband. Here’s how:

Lightning-fast downloads: Say goodbye to lengthy download times. Ogi’s ultrafast speeds let you download massive games like Minecraft, GTA5, and Apex Legends in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional broadband connections.

Imagine being on the streets of Los Santos in under 17 minutes – that’s faster than getting an Uber Eats!!! It’s not a pipedream, but a reality with Ogi’s next-generation broadband!

Seamless Gaming: Lag and interruptions can ruin the most intense gaming sessions, but thanks to Ogi, you can say goodbye to buffering and latency. And it’s all thanks to fibre connections! Full fibre can handle much more data, meaning even if other people are watching, streaming or scrolling on your connection, you’ll still be able to access smooth gameplay, thanks to the ultra-reliability of the network.

Flawless Streaming: Whether you’re watching your favorite esports championship, or streaming your own gameplay, Ogi’s reliable network brings you uninterrupted streaming with pristine video quality. Frustrating buffering and pixelated visuals are a thing of the past; enjoy smooth, immersive streaming experiences today with Ogi. Symmetrical speeds (that’s the same upload and download speeds) are also available, meaning up or down, the moves you make will be smooth and ultrafast.

Future-Proof: Full fibre broadband offers the best internet experience available today and will do long into the future. As game sizes continue to grow, Ogi’s full fibre network is ready to meet the demands of tomorrow. Your gaming experience will remain top-notch as we continually enhance our network capabilities to keep up with the demands of the competitive gaming landscape.

Environmental Benefits: Full fibre broadband is the most sustainable choice. Using less energy than traditional services, it’s better for the planet and means people can do more better, and closer to home. With Ogi’s network, we build it once and continually up-cycle it. When the time comes – and it will – to increase the speed of our network, we can do that affordably, without any unplanned disruption, further environmental harm or delay for you.

So what are you waiting for?! Take your gaming to the next level, with Ogi full fibre broadband. Claim your six months FREE broadband deal today. 

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John Jackson
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