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Posted by John Jackson July 6, 2020 in COMMUNITY
Today we sat down with GazOfAllTrades aka Gareth Evans.
What is your gamer tag and how did you get the name?
GazOfAllTrades, I decided on the name as I try and be a Jack of all trades in whatever games i play so it fit fairly well as an original name.

What age did you start playing games and what’s the first game you remember playing?
Pretty sure it was when i was about 6/7 and it was playing on the Playstation playing Spyro with my sister.
What made you decide to pursue a role in Esports? 
I’ve always been competitive by nature but after playing in a team for CSGO, i got the bug and wanted to get better. Work with my team and compete for fun and finding the next challenge to overcome
What’s your all time favourite game?
Halo 3. So many memories, Friends made and too much time spent with Zombies on Sandtrap or SWAT practice.
What is a typical day like for you?
Get up, go work my 9-5, browse reddit during downtime and then when i get back, spend time with my partner and play some games afterwards, or paint Warhammer. Or both!
What do you like to do when you aren’t gaming or working in gaming? 
Paint Warhammer, spend time with my partner, Write RPG campaigns to run with friends including D&D
Can you give any advice to anyone looking to start working in the Esports industry?
Get involved in your local scene, If there isn’t a set thing for a game. Make it yourself and you’d be surprised who comes out the woodwork. Work to make yourself better and get out there!
Any shout-outs?
EnterTheShakari for being a great friend and a driving force for me to get involved with the scene and to make me a better person.

Quick Fire Round!!!

1. PC or Console?


2. Prime or Netflix?


3. Cat or Dog?


4. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars

5. Coffee or Tea?


6. Android or iOS?


7. Facebook or Twitter?


8. Instagram or Snapchat ?


9. Pepsi or Coke?


10. Brown or White Bread?


11. Ghost Busters or Goosebumps


12. South Wales or North Wales

South Wales

13. Ice or Fire


14. Football or Rugby


15. Twitch or Youtube


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