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Posted by John Jackson September 17, 2019 in COMMUNITYEDUCATION

Talk and Surf in Cardiff is more than just an average internet cafe!

Being situated within 5 minutes walking distance from the city centre. Talk and Surf offer a wide range including web-cams, surf the web and uni work for £1 per hour, and cheap printing facilities. They also offer high speed internet which is great when you get to the gaming side.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 11am – lOpm
Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Bank holidays: 11am till 8pm

Ran by gamers for gamers, Talk and Surf provides quality experiences for gamers of all walks of life. With top of the range gaming PCs and monitors, good food and all the energy drinks you can handle, you and your friends can have the gaming experience that YOU want in Talk and Surf.

Their staff and store are dedicated to building and supporting the greatest community of gamers imaginable. Here is a current games of the gaming nights going on at Talk and Surf.

In the weekends we run our large monthly tournaments for an even larger list of games than the one above! These events cater to our competitive communities, people who want to really push themselves and the games they love to new heights!

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