The Game Titles for WEC24 are here!

Posted by John Jackson February 8, 2024 in NATIONALNEWS

After announcing the record-breaking 130 registered countries for the National Qualifiers, we are delighted to share that this year, athletes from all around the world are going to compete in five extremely popular game titles.

The WEC24 will feature the following game titles: CS2, Dota2, eFootball™ series, Mobile Legends: Bang
Bang, and PUBG MOBILE.

This year, the tournament features seven competitions across the five iconic game titles, with a notable emphasis on inclusivity, by having women’s competitions in CS2 and the newly introduced MLBB
Women, further enhancing the circuit’s diversity and inclusiveness.

HRH Prince Faisal – President of the International Esports Federation stated: “The upcoming World Esports Championship will manifest the incredible growth and global impact of competitive gaming. It is a thrilling opportunity for us to showcase the current state of the organization and celebrate the spirit of competition that unites gamers from around the world.

We are confident that this Championship will not only captivate audiences but also inspire a new generation of Esports enthusiasts. Together, let us embrace the joy and friendship of this extraordinary event and continue to propel the Esports ecosystem to even greater heights.”

The 16th edition of the World Esports Championship, set in Riyadh, Saudi from 11th to 19th November, promises to be one of the most exciting Esports events of the year.
Igor Nedeski – Esports Manager in the International Esports Federation stated:
“Continuing our collaboration with these publishers for this year’s World Esports Championships brings a
huge contribution to the quality of the tournament. After the thrilling competition we’ve had in the past
years with these titles, we are sure that this year is going to be no exception. The athletes are already
euphoric to start the competition and showcase their skills at this year’s World Esports Championships.”
The National Qualifiers are now underway, anticipating the champions who will represent their countries in the Regional Qualifiers. From there, the victors will advance to the final destination – WEC24 in Riyadh, later this year.

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