Wales are set to play in the Dota 2 Inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships regionals! 

Posted by John Jackson May 22, 2022 in NATIONAL

Esports Wales will be going up against Esports Scotland and Esports Northern Ireland in the UK regional qualifiers. The winning team will be heading to the Esports Commonwealth championships in Birmingham. 

For the first time, these players are being called up for international duty to compete for their country after a good performance in the Welsh Masters tournament held in march and excelling in friendly practice matches. They have been working hard over the last month and we expect a good performance from the team. 

John Jackson, CEO of Esports Wales said: “I can’t be happier that how the team has gelled over the last month, We are hoping to get through qualifiers and really make a push for a medal in the commonwealth.” 

Dota 2  Game Manager James “Canal Guy”  said “I’m really excited to have this team representing Wales and I know they feel the same. It’s fantastic that they’re getting this opportunity to play Dota 2 for Wales and they’re going to give it everything they’ve got.”

Selected Welsh roster for the European Esports Championships in Baku

DOTA 2 Open 


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