Wales name rosters for European Esports Championships in Baku

Posted by John Jackson May 18, 2022 in NATIONALNEWS

Wales will be flying out to Baku on the 24th of May for its first physical European Esport Championships in the Crystal Hall stadium.  Teams will be competing in Rocket League and Tekken 7. 

For the first time, these players are being called up for international duty to compete for their country after a good performance in the Welsh Masters tournament held in march and excelling in friendly practice matches. The Rocket League and Tekken 7 stage of the European Esports Championship will be held at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

John Jackson, CEO for Esports Wales said: “Some players have been ruled out through contracts with other organisations, but this roster has been working hard and it’s exciting to see how the Rocket League squad will do out in Baku. We’ve looked at players’ form, who we are playing, and where we’re playing.  We’ve been watching these players develop over the last few years and it’s only right for them to get their first appearance playing for Wales.

Joshua “JEvs” Evans has been scrimming with the South Wales Fighting Game Club over the last few months and with tips from squadmate Bebop we are really looking forward to his games.”

Rocket League Game Manager Codie said “I can’t really put into words how impressed I am with how much effort and determination all of the players have put into being selected for the national teams. They couldn’t have made it more difficult for me to select the best we have to offer, and the passion we all equally share makes working alongside the teams a pleasure. I have no doubt that they’ll each be one of the best teams in the respective tournaments and I’m looking forward to seeing them compete together.”

SelectedWelsh Roster for the European Esports Championships in Baku

Rocket League 

Ben “Natsumi” Holt
Bailey “xBatr” Griffiths Bater
Benjamin “Delinquent” Rees

Tekken 7

Joshua “JEvs” Evans

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