Esports Wales Open 2020

Posted by John Jackson February 29, 2020 in EVENTS


Famous American Tennis Player Billy Jean King once said “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”  

Well today, the folks here at Esports Wales thought we’d give you the perfect opportunity to become a Champion; To put your pride and your gaming skills on the table for a chance at fame and glory.  To show the people of Wales who is the top dog.  We present to you: The Esports Wales Open.

But wait! Not only will you be out-shooting your fellow Welshman in Overwatch, out-scoring your mates in Rocket League, or out-smarting fierce opponents in League of Legends, oh no no no, you’ll be the driving force to show the UK and the rest of the World that Wales has got what it takes.

This will be an event that will pit teams and individuals from around Wales against each other in a variety of games not only to show who is the best in the west (Wales is considered West right?) but you’ll be written in history as an Esports Player that put Wales on the map.  We aim for this to be a celebration as well as a tournament.  Let’s show what Wales can do!

So, let’s get into the details.


The Welsh Open will crown the best Esports players in Wales across some of the most competitive PC titles including:

The top 4 teams from each title will qualify for Welsh selection and join a squad looking to compete against international rivals including Scotland and Ireland.

All participants can also opt in to our player draft for a chance to be selected for one of our semi-professional franchises.

Look below to see the dates for all the events happening during the Welsh Open as well as the rule-sets for all the games.



League of Legends

Rocket League 

Rainbow Six: Siege

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



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