What is – Boosting

Posted by John Jackson July 18, 2019 in ADVICE

Boosting has gained many definitions over the years, both in and out of the gaming world. If it’s all the same to you i’m going to be sticking to the definitions attributed to it in the gaming world. If only because through my research I discovered that it has as many as seven different definitions and we really don’t have time for that do we?

Much alike gaming itself the term ‘Boosting’ has evolved over the years to mean many different things. Originally used to describe manipulation of stats in old video games to working with an enemy player in a multiplayer game to reach a certain goal; and finally one of the most recent iterations, having a player of a higher skill level playing on your account in a multiplayer game to… well… boost your rank. Increase it, to make you look better.

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Focusing on the last of those mentioned above, it’s important to mention that most if not all games that players could benefit using this method have either banned, attempted to circumvent or are publicly against this. Alongside this the majority of gamers that play the games boosting can be found in are also publicly against it for many reasons. There are really two sides to this issue from what I can see, you have the players that have been ‘boosted’ playing at higher levels than they should be and negatively affecting the players around them. Then you have the players at lower levels that are forced to play against the accounts currently being ‘boosted’ up which negatively affects them.

From what I can see nobody really wins with boosting but the person that is being paid to do it. Oh did I not mention that? There’s a huge market for boosting currently, especially in games like League of Legends, but that’s a story for another time. It’s my sincere hope that you have some idea as to what ‘boosting’ is now and the negative impacts it has on the games and players surrounding it. Thanks for reading and may you be blessed with no boosted or boosting players for eternity!