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Posted by John Jackson May 14, 2019 in COMMUNITY

Hi everyone,

Ok so I haven’t done any of these in a while, so please bear with me.

As the title suggests this post is going to be about the current situation with Esports Wales, and our plan for the future.

So last week we held a full staff meeting to discuss where we stand with Esports Wales. We looked at the organisation as a whole and noted where we think we are failing and where we think we are doing well.

Our meeting objectives were:

  • To discuss what Esports Wales is trying to achieve as an organisation/community.
  • Outline some strategic goals for Esports Wales to get everyone to work in the same direction.
  • Other business.- Belong Meetups, Discord layout etc.

We decided to create high-level organisation goals/objectives that will give everyone a clear understanding of what we are working to achieve. After some conversation between staff members, we came up with three points, that will help us outline what the function is of Esports Wales and help us map the road for the future.

Our Agreed Aims

  • Our goal is to support competitive gaming from the grassroots to the professional level.
  • We aim to improve the standard of Welsh Esports and increase its level of awareness in Wales.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for Esports talent in Wales to be scouted by professional teams through hosting and sponsoring tournaments nationwide with the focus always on Wales.

How we can steer the organisation to be more esports-focused and achieve our objectives?

  1. Hold trial nights – trial nights will be held once a month. Coordinated between the chief community officer, the chief Esports officer and the game managers.
    These nights will be used for competitive gameplay and allow players to be scouted for the Esports Wales teams as well as external teams.
  2. Getting teams playing – The chief Esports officer is going to discuss with the game managers about the current team status and look at scheduling more matches for players.
  3. The introduction of a 3-strike rule. If you are a member of a Esports Wales team i.e. Tan, Ia. If you do not give a prior warning why you are not able to attend a match/practice session? Then you will be given a strike. When a player gets 3 strikes they will be removed from the Esports Wales team.
  4. Streaming – Our stream manager is going to look at focusing on more competitive gaming games but as we are early in the process it is difficult to be that selective.
  5. Social Media – Our social media manager is going to review our current social media strategy.
  6. Networking – Discussing with organisations about Esports Wales and the future of Esports in Wales.
  7. Operations Operations Meeting with the Founder and Chief Operations Officer scheduled for 11/05/2019.
  8. Website – Some extra website changes to help us meet our objectives. i.e. events page.
  9. Community News/Meeting reports – Publish meeting reports to feedback on information and our plans to the community.

So this is the first of these meeting notes. I will try and get one out a month, so members of the organisation can see what the staff are doing in the background.

Thanks for reading.



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John Jackson
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