Working As An Esports Writer

Posted by Stacey Louise Bennett January 13, 2021 in ADVICECAREERS

In this post, I will be sharing advice on working in the Esports world as a writer.

Pick a Title you are passionate about
Picking a game that you really enjoy is important for writing an interesting and compelling article.
You need to know the ins and outs of the meta of the game and keep up with roster changes.
Competitive games often go through a lot of changes, this can include nerfs and buffs to certain characters, new characters could be added at the start of a new season, mid-season patches may need to be implemented if something in the game isn’t working as intended.
The smallest of changes to the game can impact the meta greatly.
Keep up with any change’s the developers make.

Writing about a game you’re not familiar with, League of Legends for example, without playing the game or even having knowledge of its competitive scene will result in content that feels forced and uninformed.

There are different teams in the Esports world. Which teams are you writing about? What character or loadout were they using? What strategy did they use?
The level of gameplay within the Esports field is much higher than what you typically see in casual play, there’s more thought involved, tactical planning and character selection involved.
Think of your audience as people who don’t know anything about the competitive aspects of the game and have chosen your piece to learn about it.
They can’t learn anything from content that the writer themselves isn’t familiar with.

Don’t pick an Esports game because it is popular because you won’t produce content that will keep the attention of your audience.
If you have no interest in the subject you are writing about, imagine how boring it will be for your readers.

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Start writing articles about your chosen Esports subject online
Starting your own blog about the content you want to write about will help you get started in this field.
Organisations will want to view your work beforehand, so having content ready to show them will help you greatly.
Having your own blog also means no restrictions, you can experiment with your content without the worries of having to meet deadlines, wordcounts and your writing will improve over time.
Go over the content you have written and see if you can improve anything, ask for help if you need it from other writers.
Keep improving your craft.

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Volunteer as a Writer
As you start out as a journalist/writer in any field you’ll find yourself working for free.
Don’t let this deter you from starting out, though.
Seek out any volunteer opportunities Esports organisations have available.
This is a good stepping stone into the world of writing, you’ll gain experience of what it is like to work within the field, you will find opportunities to network and you could find bigger and better opportunities within the organisation itself.

It’s also important that you learn to take any criticism and feedback on board.
Everyone who has worked as a writer in any form has made mistakes, what’s important is you don’t take any feedback to heart but instead choose to learn from it.
Writing is always something that can be improved, so stick with it.

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