Our Approach

Esports Wales is a Community Interest Company set up to support and promote esports in Wales. We have our own advisory board. The board regularly meet to discuss Esports Wales projects and plans and offer their input to provide a better solution for everyone. As part of the board meetings, we also invite observers to discuss further developments within esports in Wales.

The Advisory board is led by Gweirydd Loan Davies.

Meet the Board members

The board members are made up of people located all around Wales who can help support Esports Wales in the future.

John Jackson


John is involved in the esports industry with a couple of digital start-ups.

Keiran Russell

Finance – Director 

Keiran is involved in helping a number of start ups in Wales.

Gweirydd Davies

Director – Chair

Gweirydd works on a number of large projects within Wales, A passion for gaming and esports

Rob Griffiths

Director – Education 

 Rob is an ex AAA Developer who now teaches his passion. Heavily involved within the game scene in North Wales

Kit Vickery

Director – DEI

Working in various roles within the industry, playing for the Welsh national team in the Commonwealth.

Gareth Swan 

Board Member

Previous experience working for events companies including Microsoft, and Sega. 

Morgan James

Director – Pathways

 Upcoming esports talent from Gower College Swansea, and co-owner of the Wolfhounds esports team. 

Charles Skinner

Director – Creative

Freelance and Co Owner of the Cardiff Pirates 

Avery Thomas 
Director – Players

Esports Player and Tournament admin at Epic Lan. Committee Member of the Artists.  

Jacob Williams 

Director – TA/Coaches

Expereinced in Tournaments for Rainbow Six, Esports Lecature and Co-Owner of Cardiff Pirates. 

Codie Hardaway

Director – Clubs

Owner of Wrexham Robins. Rocket League Manager for Esports Wales which lead the team to Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championships. 

Josh Hughes

Director – Community and Safeguarding

Club Board of Aberystwyth Artists. Working for some of the top game development companies in Wales.